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Iguassu Falls Brasil

by Unknown Published on 8:33 PM

Iguassu Falls, a waterfall is one of the largest and most impressive falls in the world. Guarnani name Iguassu comes from India, which means "big water".

Iguassu falls are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, 275 falls plunge over a cliff more than a half mile wide with an average drop of 300 feet to the Iguazu River below. Every second, 450,000 gallons of water falling down.

Seventy per cent fall in Arggentina really, but you can see it in Brazil. Every year, millions of visitor came here to see from a distance, 60 meters higher than Niagara Falls and approximately one-half times wider. Continuous spray mist Iguassu against a background of lush tropical growth.

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